Services & Benefits

Our Services

We conduct a full review of client needs including living conditions, safety, medical, financial, family, social and potential legal issues.
2Plan of Care
Based on our assessment outcome, a personalized care plan will be designed to meet the needs of the client and family through a collaborative approach.
3Community Referrals
We are uniquely positioned to identify and make appropriate referrals for our client and their family due to our extensive network of community resources and connections.
4Case Management
We coordinate client care with family participation in the decision of care options, ongoing client monitoring, and providing the family with scheduled updates.
5Placement Assistance
Through our established network, we assist clients and families to identify residential placement that fits their personal needs and assist with the transition.
We work as advocates for our clients to ensure their best interests are being met.
7Expert Legal Support
Our referral network of attorneys can provide the professional services needed, and we can provide expert support or testimony if required.
8Quality of Life Focus
Our focus is on the well-being of each client and their caregivers, and to pursue care options that enrich their quality of life.

As our client, you can expect:

  • Consistent communication regarding the ongoing needs of your loved one.
  • Community referrals to meet the needs of both you and your loved one.
  • Coordination of home care services to ensure quality of care and quality of life.
  • Assistance with the selection of residential placement and level of care transition.